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How You Can Join The Movement

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Volunteering is a service to our community and society at large.  We can’t do it alone; we are better when we band together.  And the benefits of volunteering last a lifetime.  So, meet new people and build a community with us.  We always need spare pairs of hands for tasks as diverse as admin to Zumba.  Don’t hesitate hit contact, and let us set a start date.


Campaigning with us is joining your voice to a burgeoning survivor movement.  Share the stories about the impact of our projects.  Be ab advocate for legal and mental health change.  It’s Speaking out and standing up to protect tomorrow’s children from abuse and demanding today’s survivors get the support they need.

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No survivor ought to be sitting silently alone in shame.  You help to stop that with your giving.  A monthly subscription, a legacy in your will, protects future generations because it helps us keep on keeping on.

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Fun Fundraising

Fun Fundraising, try saying that one fast!  It could be the ice water test, how many nuggets you can eat, or miles you can run.  Even a dance-off.  It’s a double reward for the fun you have and the help your enjoyment generates in support groups, therapy and knowing we are managing trauma.

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Sponsoring our projects and events shows your company’s commitment to addressing childhood abuse and trauma.  And that will impact your colleagues, even if they haven’t told you.  There are survivors amongst you.  But it also makes a big statement about your leadership.  Because we are survivor-led and understand the pathways to heal.  But not any sponsor will do!  Please see our values which are our actions.

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Your support will make someone smile again.

Your support is invaluable.  We are grateful if you give us the currency of your time, donating, gifting by payroll or Will, or fundraising through fun or challenges.  Your support is vital to our growth, and as we grow, we can eradicate survivor shame.  

Thank you

PS Keep an eye on projects; we are proud of our work.  Join the mailing list, and we’ll keep you posted on events, projects and progress.

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