Welcome to

Kairos Generation…

The social movement for the 21st century.

Karios Generation is a registered community interest company [CIC]. So, we are a non-profit and all income is invested in the business to provide a better service to make society fairer and kinder and human.

Our Projects

Kairos Generation has two critical projects with long term goals. Little Ro in partnership with Survivors Voices works to support survivors of childhood sexual abuse and raise awareness of the trauma and long term effects.

‘The Tongue Can Paint What The Eyes Can’t See’ Chinese proverb

We also campaign to raise awareness of women’s issues. Working with partners, the Kairos Generation highlights life-altering inequalities. The mainstream media all too often fail to prioritise. Our methods include broadcast and podcasts.


Money helps through donations and fundraising. And so does giving your time, giving socially by social media support, sharing contacts and stories, and giving anything to progress well being. Get involved.